Fully Managed Service

Once we have visited the property to provide with a market appraisal of your property, we will then commence marketing to find you a prospective tenant.

Once we have found a tenant for the property we will then fully reference the tenants with our independant agency and report back to with the results on whether or not we believe the tenants are suitable for you.

At the point of 'Move In' for the tenants we prepare the photographic inventory for you and then make sure that the tenants return this to us to ensure all parties are clear on the condition of the property from the beginning. (If you also wish to view the inventory before the tenancy begins, please make this known to us when we begin marketing.)

We will take the first months rent from the tenants and forward the remaining to you, less our initial fee. We will hold the deposit for you under a government approved scheme until the end of the tenancy. Your tenants will be provided with proof of this at the beginning of the tenancy.

When your new tenants have moved into the property, we will then take on all of the management for the property. This will include us holding a float of £100 per property to enable us to provide you and your tenants with a fast and efficient service. We will endeavour to call you before we send out any contractors, except in the case of an emergency. In this instance we will send out contractors and do our upmost to contact you the same day. As a Fully Managed landlord your tenants will also have access to our 24 hour, out of hours emergency number.

At the end of the tenancy, where notice has been given by you or the tenant we will meet the tenants at the property to carry out a full final inspection against the inventory and provide you with a report after this date. If there is to be any deductions against the deposit this will be discussed fully with both you and the tenant within the alloted time.

Tenant Find

As with the above service we will fully reference any prospective tenants for you. We will then prepare the photograhic inventory for you and provide this to your tenants. They will then be asked to send this back to you for inspection and any amendments. Within this management we will always require you to 'sign off' the inventory before tenants move in. Within the tenancy agreement we will also be able to provide your tenants with your bank details and a standard standing order mandate for the rent to be paid directly to you.

Once the tenants have moved in to your property we will require an 'advance' fee from you. You will then receive the full first months rent once the tenants have moved in. We will also keep the tenants deposit as with the fully managened service to ensure that the deposit is held under legislation.

If you require us to serve notice to your tenants at the end of a tenancy, we will be happy to do so for an extra fee (please see our Terms and Conditions of Business). 

Once any notice has been given, it will be your responsiblity as the landlord to carry out the final inspection. We will require written notice from you to release the deposit back to the tenants. In the case that any deductions need to be made written confirmation will be needed from both you and tenants will details of the amounts being deducted.

Rent Collection

This service works on the basis of the Tenant Find management, however we will collect and send you the rent once a month less our fee.